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Career Advancement Coaching

Unsure what steps you need to take in your professional development?  Feel stuck or uninspired in your current role?  Do you have the desire to become a leader, but are not sure how to advance?  Let’s take a look at your strengths and opportunities, values, and skill set to determine how to make positive changes in your career, and then take action.

What to expect from career advancement coaching:

  • You and I will align on realistic goals and outcomes with actions that are time-bound
  • Meet for one-on-one 45-minute sessions weekly for 12 weeks
  • Activities to complete during and in between sessions to promote self-discovery, create a vision for your career path, and execute an action plan
  • Assistance in facing beliefs that limit your performance and hold you back from reaching your full potential
  • Feedback and support from me, along with accountability towards action and a partner to bounce ideas off of


Tools and activities used in career advancement coaching to build a foundation for your development action plan:

  • Career Satisfaction – This activity identifies what areas of your career are leading to satisfaction and what areas need attention in order for you to advance and feel fulfilled in your career.
  • Career Motivators – By identifying your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators at work, you’ll be able to better understand what career objectives to focus on during your development journey.
  • Identify Your Core Values – Core values are fundamental beliefs or principles that guide and shape your behaviors, decisions, and actions.
  • Understanding Your Values – By considering your values we’ll work through activities to better understand when and how your values show up in your career. Reflecting on how you live into these values creates a clearer understanding of how to lean into them to help achieve your professional goals.
  • Communication Style – This activity focuses on behavioral styles and will help you understand your communication style, identify the informal needs of others, and communicate more effectively with people with different styles.
  • 360-degree Feedback – This method of feedback will help you understand your signature strengths and blind spots by using constructive feedback from those who work with you the most.
  • SMART Goals – In order to make progress toward your career goals, we’ll work as partners in the creation of goals and being accountable to fully execute to completion.
  • Leadership Skills – Depending on your aspirations and what skills need to be developed, we’ll work through corresponding leadership activities to strengthen your abilities

Career Fortitude Career Advancement Coaching was created for you if you are ready to invest in yourself and gain the confidence, clarity, and vision needed to jumpstart your journey to career advancement. 


Career Advancement Coaching is for you if you:
  • Lack developmental feedback
  • Desire professional growth
  • Seek clarity for your career path
  • Struggle with confidence at work
  • Believe you can have a bigger impact
  • Want to increase productivity
  • Are seeking a promotion

I would love to talk to you about your career goals and how I can help you achieve them.  Go ahead and schedule your free consultation call.

Philip Hilt,

Leadership & Career Coach